The IMS Learning Design Engine


Only the current recommended release are available from this site. Older versions are available from here.

The current release is CopperCore 3.3 which supports IMS LD level C and also features a SOAP interface. From version 3.0 on the source code is delivered in four packages. The first package coppercore_sources contains the source code for the CopperCore engine. The second package, coppercore-soap_sources, contains the sources for the CopperCore SOAP interface. The third package contains the sources for the CopperCore Service Integration components. Finally, the fourth package contains the demo web player which is as of version 3.0 a separate package.
Description   Platform Files
CCRT 3.3   Windows
    Linux coppercore_ccrt_3.3.tar.gz
CC Sources 3.3   Windows *
    Linux coppercore_sources_3.3.tar.gz *
SOAP sources   Windows *
3.0   Linux coppercore-soap_sources_3.3.tar.gz *
CCSI sources   Windows *
1.0   Linux ccsi_sources_1.0.tar.gz *
Player sources   Windows *
3.3   Linux player_sources_3.3.tar.gz *

* The tar.gz packages for Linux contain the exact same files as the Windows sources zip files, but in the Linux packages execute rights have been assigned to all included shell scripts.